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LivePrice - The pricing equation that saves you money!


How does LivePrice work?

Like all manufacturers, Kogan begins production of new products well before they are ready to be dispatched to customers. We want to give customers the opportunity to join us early on in our manufacturing cycle, and to reap rewards through lower prices for our latest products. We believe customers who can wait a little longer to receive their products straight off the assembly line should get an even better deal. That’s why we’ve introduced LivePrice! 

LivePrice allows you to purchase a product while we are in the process of manufacturing or shipping. The price of the product gradually increases at a rate that depends on a number of key factors until we sell out, reach our expected dispatch date, or reach our everyday best value price. Customers who get in earliest will receive the best prices, so be quick! 

If you change your mind about purchasing a product with LivePrice, don't worry! You can request a refund at any stage while the product has a LivePrice, and our 14 Day Money Back Guarantee applies after a product is delivered.

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Anatomy of LivePrice

At Kogan, we believe there is always a better way to create and deliver the technology people want. By giving our customers the opportunity to join us early on in our manufacturing cycle, we can make our business more efficient, and further reduce the prices of our latest products.