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Bedding Buying Guide

The ultimate guide to choosing the right bedding for you

Bamboo or cotton? Goose down or wool? Thread counts, GSM, hypoallergenic... with so many great manchester options out there it’s easy to get overwhelmed when choosing the right fit. Let our Bedding Buying Guide break it down for you.

Bed Sheets and Quilt Covers

What does thread count actually mean?

The thread count is the number of threads that are woven together within a section of material. Thread count is generally used in the bedding industry to outline to customers the quality of the material being used for the bedding.

So...Is a higher thread count better

It generally goes that the higher the thread count, the softer your sheets will feel. The more tightly woven the threads are, the less imperfections that material has, making it smoother to the touch. Anything 400 and above is considered good quality, we suggest 400+ for quilt cover sets and 800+ for sheet sets..

Which is the best material for bed sheets and quilt covers?

There isn't necessarily a ‘best’ material for sheets and quilt covers, it all comes down to your personal preferences and needs.

Material Features
Cotton Soft and cool on the skin, traditional cotton has been a long time favourite in our bedrooms. Cotton is naturally breathable, keeping you both warm and cool at need. A great all rounder which will suit the whole family.
Egyptian Cotton Considered the Rolls Royce of cotton plants for the luxurious softness of its fibres, Egyptian cotton sheets have longer fibres (staples) than regular cotton. Longer staples make for a stronger, more durable fabric, so although it costs a little more, you often get more bang for your buck as your sheets will last longer without pilling or damage.
Cotton Rich Manufacturers will often blend cotton fibres with another type of material, polyester or bamboo for example. Benefits of this method include sheets that are more durable, and less prone to wrinkles. They're often cheaper too, so they’re great for the budget conscious, kids or student bedrooms.
Bamboo Bamboo is having a serious moment in the bedding world right now. Bamboo grows quickly and prolifically, making it easy to harvest and less harmful to the environment than the production of other types of sheet. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and breathable, perfect for allergy sufferers or households with pets.

Do I need a mattress topper?

Mattress toppers are a great way to improve joint and muscle support in bed without spending a fortune on an orthopedic mattress. They also add an extra layer of insulation, meaning you can cut down on your heating bills in winter but still stay warm and toasty in bed.

Material Features
Memory Foam Memory foam cradles you as you sleep, offering unrivalled support for joints and muscles. It also absorbs the motion of any partners that toss and turn in the night, keeping you supported and comfortable with less chance of interruptions!
Gel Memory Foam As well as all the benefits of the memory foam toppers, this gel infused version also helps to regulate the temperature of your body. Overheating is one of the main contributors to poor sleep, and the unique gel balls in these mattress toppers are designed to cool your body down for a fresher, more comfortable sleep.
Down and Feather Not as supportive as memory foam, down and feather toppers aren’t suitable for those with joint complaints, but they’re great for those wanting to add softness and comfort to their mattress. The down and feathers are fantastic insulators, and naturally absorbent so they keep moisture away from your body and leave you toasty warm in winter and cool and breezy in summer.
Pillow Top Great for reviving old mattresses by adding a lovely cushioned layer, pillow top mattress toppers come in a range of different styles. Be sure to choose one with a fitted skirt so that it stays secure during the night, and opt for a 500-1000 GSM thickness depending on how soft you like your bed.

Mattress toppers also add a cushioning layer to your mattress, resulting in a beautifully soft and comfortable extra layer for your body, dramatically improving comfort and support. They’re a great way to revive old or worn out mattresses. If your mattress is already top-of-the-range, a mattress topper will ensure it's protected from stains and wear.

Studies have shown that investing in good pillows can dramatically improve sleep and help you to wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. Choose the right pillow for your sleeping style, and always use good quality pillowcases

Pillow Type Features
Contoured Pillows The ergonomic shape of these pillows is great for keeping the head and neck in the optimum position as you sleep. This can be a simple solution for those who often experience neck pain, and they can help you to wake up fresher and less stiff in the morning. The contoured shape also elevates the head slightly, and helps keep the airways unrestricted, especially for those who tend to sleep on their backs. This has been shown to reduce the risk of sleep apnea, and also means less snoring!
Bamboo Hypoallergenic and breathable, bamboo pillows are an excellent choice for those with allergies. The natural fibres are softer than cotton, and they wick moisture away from the body keeping you cool and comfortable all night long. They’re also durable and easy to clean, making them perfect for children or spare rooms.
Memory Foam These pillows are super supportive and cradle your neck and head as you sleep. The pillow moulds to your head and neck, helping to keep your spine properly aligned and reduce stiffness and soreness in the morning. These pillows also tend to be thicker, making them great for side-sleepers who need more support under the neck.
Down and Feather These decadent pillows are luxuriously soft and can be shaped and moulded to your favourite position. Perfect for restless sleepers, down and feather pillows move with your body and allow for a lot of movement in the night with little interruption.

Remember, you may not always need the same type of pillow forever. As your lifestyle, weight, health and age change, your needs may change too. Keep an eye out for any sagging or sign of wear in your pillows, and also be sure to follow the manufacturer's care instructions.

What is GSM?

GSM refers to grams per square metre, and measures how thick the quilt is and how warm it will keep you. Where possible, it's ideal to have a 150 to 350 GSM quilt for the warmer months, and a 500 to 700 GSM quilt for winter. This isn’t possible for everyone, so just make sure that you choose the right thickness for you, and choose GSM based on how hot or cold you tend to sleep in the night.

Certified Responsibly Sourced Down

All our Ovela products containing down and feather filling have been officially certified against the Responsible Down Standard (RDS). This voluntary global standard independently audits supply chains for transparency and animal welfare compliance, and prohibits unethical practices in the sourcing of down and feathers. You can be confident when you purchase these products that the down is not only of high quality, but also ethically sourced.

Which material is best for me?

If you want sumptuous comfort, and the feeling of being cradled by your quilt, then feather and down is a good choice. Allergy sufferers or those who tend to get hotter in the night should opt for wool and make sure it has a cotton cover.

Material Features
Cotton Covers The natural fibres in cotton are fantastically breathable, great for regulating temperature in warmer environments. They are also hypoallergenic, so for children with asthma or hayfever we recommend ensuring that the filling is suitable for those with allergies and has a 100% cotton cover.
Wool Fibres in wool are naturally absorbent, and can hold a lot of moisture without ever feeling wet. You’ll never wake up hot and sticky with a wool quilt, and the thermoregulating properties also naturally insulate you and keep you warm in the colder months.
Down and Feather The more feather in the quilt, the heavier it tends to be. Down, by contrast, is extremely light and airy. The down-to-feather ratio is entirely down to personal preference. Higher down-to-feather ratios make for sumptuous and decadent quilts that keep you toasty without much weight. Higher feather-to-down ratio quilts give you a feeling of being cradled by your quilt, great for people who like a bit of extra support in bed.

Remember GSM? Well that applies to towels too. The higher the GSM the thicker and, generally, the better quality the towel. Keep this in mind when buying your towels, as well as which material best suits your bathroom.

Material Features
Bamboo blend Great for the environmentally conscious among you, bamboo is a readily available material that grows quickly and requires little water or chemicals to produce, leaving a smaller footprint on the environment. Bamboo is also very durable and resistant to pilling and shrinkage. Opt for a cotton-bamboo blend to get the best of both softness and strength.
Cotton Cotton is extremely absorbent and can hold up to 25% of its own weight in liquid. Make sure that you know what kind of cotton you’re buying; standard cotton towels are often inexpensive and are great for everyday use.

Those with sensitive skin may want to opt for Egyptian cotton. The long fibres are extremely soft and sumptuous on the skin, making them a favourite of luxury spas and hotels. Egyptian cotton towels also tends to be more durable, so even though they may cost a little more, they will hold up well and stay soft even after multiple washes.

Remember, towels are a cheap and easy way to add style and colour to your bathroom. Mix up neutral tones with a few brightly coloured hand and bath towels - you’ll be amazed at the difference just a few pops of colour can make to your overall decor.

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