The Year in Review - Happy New Year from Kogan

The Year in Review - Happy New Year from Kogan

The Year in Review - Happy New Year from Kogan

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As we head into the New Year celebrations, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on the tremendous year 2011 has been for the Kogan community of smart shoppers.

We’ve spent the year telling everyone in the UK about where to find the best prices from the comfort of their own home, all the while maintaining our high level of customer service.

This year we:

  • Launched our patent-pending LivePrice system, becoming the only company to make the production cycle transparent, allowing you to save even more
  • Significantly grew our international operation here in the UK. This increased our buying power and meant we were able to secure even better prices for you
  • Revealed the world’s first laptop featuring Google’s Chromium OS, to international acclaim
  • Unveiled Britain's best value big screen LED-backlit TVs
  • Created and delivered the lowest priced Android tablet Britain (and the world) has ever seen
  • Exposed the cable con by the big retailers, and offered everyone in the UK a way to avoid the overpriced digital cables from bricks and mortar stores

We’re not done yet! We have many more products to launch, world firsts and exciting announcements planned for 2012 and beyond.

Thank you for your part in helping spread the word about the Kogan business! It's a real pleasure to have you in the Kogan community as we look forward to another huge year in 2012!

Happy New Year!

Best Wishes,

Ruslan Kogan
Founder & CEO

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