Kogan Offers Free HDMI Cable to Cut the UK Cable Con

Kogan Offers Free HDMI Cable to Cut the UK Cable Con

Kogan Offers Free HDMI Cable to Cut the UK Cable Con

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It's time to cut the cable con in the UK!

When you buy a TV from John Lewis, Currys, or countless other high street stores, you will be offered hideously expensive accessories such as HDMI cables. These cables are sold with absolutely ridiculous markups, many multiples of the actual cost of the items.

These stores are trying to trick people into thinking they need an HDMI lead costing over £100 after buying a Full HD TV. This is simply not the case. You shouldn't be spending more than £4 on an HDMI cable!

An HDMI cable is an HDMI cable. It's a digital cable. You either get a picture or you don't. Don't get conned into buying a "fancy" HDMI cable because it will make no difference! This has even been verified by an independent media outlet:,2817,2385272,00.asp.

Here's an example of the Cable Con happening right now at a Currys store in London:

UK Cable Con

Click on the image to see the scam close-up!

The cable con is even happening in many online stores:

Currys £100.99 2 metre Monster Cable
Currys £99.99 2 metre Belkin Cable
John Lewis £99.99 2 metre Peerless Cable

In a bid to end this suspect practice, and bring cable prices down to their proper levels, Kogan is now offering FREE HDMI CABLES to anyone who buys a TV at either John Lewis or Currys from July 1 2011.

Kogan will even pay for the shipping direct to your door!

When you buy a Full HD TV, you need an HDMI cable to take full advantage of the great resolution on offer. What the high street retailers aren't telling you is that HDMI is a digital cable. It deals with ones and zeroes -- not like the analogue cables of yesteryear. This means there is no difference to the picture quality you will receive whether you use Kogan's £4 cable, or the ones that Currys, John Lewis, or countless other high street stores will happily sell you for an exorbitant £60, £80, £100 or more.

At Kogan, we think it’s extremely unfair for someone who shells out their hard-earned money on a new TV to be shafted on cables and accessories because of a deliberate misinformation campaign by the big retailers.

The Kogan HDMI cable we're giving away is HDMI version 1.4, meaning it is future-proof for transmitting 3D TV, can carry an Ethernet signal, and is gold-plated.

If you purchase a TV from Curry’s or John Lewis, don’t be tricked into buying an expensive HDMI cable - claim your FREE Kogan cable and help expose the UK Cable Con, by simply emailing proof of your purchase to

Full Terms & Conditions for this giveaway are available here.

Have you been stung by the cable con?


The Kogan Team

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