Congratulations Steve Jobs

Congratulations Steve Jobs

Congratulations Steve Jobs

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Today, Steve Jobs announced that he is resigning as CEO of Apple.

On behalf of myself and the Kogan team, I would like to congratulate Steve Jobs on an incredible career.

Steve Jobs has always been an entrepenuer that I have looked up to and is probably one of the most influential people the world has ever had in the space of consumer electronics. He is certainly a modern age visionary and has been for a long time. I watch this Apple video clip several times a day and still get goosebumps each time:

Although I don't own any Apple products, I did buy an iPhone for my mum and now she is sending text messages for the first time ever. Apple have certainly made technology "cool" and easy to use. They have shown people how our lives can be enhanced through the use of technology by creating products which provide an amazing user experience and challenge the status quo.

We wish Steve Jobs the best of health and happiness. He'll always remain one of the most innovative entreprenuers the world has ever seen. Congratulations Steve!

What do you think of Steve Jobs' contributions to the world of technology?

All the best,
Ruslan Kogan
Founder & CEO

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