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If you can find a better price than ours, we guarantee to be SHOCKED!

We work very hard to ensure that our prices are always the best. We are constantly evaluating every part of our business to ensure that we are able to offer you the absolute best prices. This includes everything from negotiating tirelessly with our suppliers and knocking back their offers of tickets to the football to running a paperless office. If you manage to find a better price than ours on any product we sell, we guarantee to be SHOCKED :)

Many retailers have a "Price Match Guarantee" that comes with a long list of Terms and Conditions, making it near impossible to use. They hope that having this type of Price Match Guarantee will lead you to assume their prices are the best without even checking. At, we encourage all of our customers to do Google searches and compare our offers to the rest of the market.

We've even built a tool to help you compare prices and stay informed about the latest deals and discounts. It's a Google Chrome App and you can download it here.

It happens very rarely but every now and then other retailers might have a better price than us. If this ever happens, feel free to shock us!

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