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Bluetooth Smart Bangle (White)

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Feel your phone ringing and check who’s calling even if your phone is in you handbag!

Ever been out on the town and missed an important call because you couldn’t hear your phone ringing or feel it vibrating in your handbag? If so, then we’ve got a stylish solution for you!

Our attractive Bluetooth Smart Bangle will vibrate and flash up the caller ID of anyone trying to call you. If you want to talk, then grab your phone and chat away! If you don’t feel like talking to that person, then hit the call reject button and carry on enjoying yourself.

The Smart Bangle also doubles as a phone security device, making it an even smarter investment for the ladies out there who like to go to nightclubs, concerts or bars. The bracelet will start to vibrate if you are further than 10 meters away from your phone, so if someone sneaks it out of your handbag or pocket, you will be able to raise the alarm while they are still within sight.



Bluetooth lets you wirelessly connect to a host of accessories and peripherals. Transfer files, use hands-free kits and stream media quickly and easily.

What's in the box

  • Bluetooth Smart Bangle (White)
  • USB Charging cable

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Independent Media Reviews

"With the Kogan Bluetooth Smart Bangle you never have to worry about missing a call again. The bangle vibrates when your phone rings and an LCD screen lights up with caller ID. You’ll know when your phone is ringing, even if it’s buried and inaudible at the bottom of your bag, and you can conveniently screen the caller. Don’t want to talk? Simply press the call reject button on the side of your bangle. A security feature alerts you when you step more than 10 metres from your phone, ensuring it will never be
left behind again. Clever."

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Bluetooth Smart Bangle (Black): RRP $39 + free shipping Available from:

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Bluetooth Smart Bangle


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