Ruslan Kogan - Founder and CEO of Kogan

Ruslan Kogan is a serial entrepreneur, and is one of the pioneers of online retail in Australia. His companies , including Kogan, have operations in Australia, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and other markets around the world. He tweets from @ruslankogan.

Ruslan Kogan

Ruslan grew up in the Elsternwick commission flats in Melbourne, and was interested in technology at an early age, building his first computer at the age of nine. He started working for himself when he was just ten, by finding lost golf balls, cleaning them, repackaging them, and selling them to golfers at Elsternwick Golf Course. He has started over 20 businesses since the age of 10, with Kogan being his most successful.

He attended Melbourne High School before going on to complete a Bachelor of Business Systems (Information Technology) at Monash University. By the age of 23 Ruslan had worked at the IT departments of Bosch, GE, Telstra, and was a management consultant at Accenture. Disappointed that he couldn't personally afford the latest LCD TV technology, Ruslan started Kogan in his parent's garage and has gone on to grow it into a multinational consumer electronics and online retail business with revenues of over $200M in 2013.

Kogan manufactures and sells a wide range of high demand consumer electronics items direct to shoppers around the world through its online-only store. Kogan is Australia's only international consumer electronics brand, and the number one selling Australian owned TV brand.

His company has been in a constant war of words with big retailers like Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi, and the UK's Currys and John Lewis. Ruslan Kogan has time and time again successfully exposed the shady underbelly of traditional bricks and mortar stores. His open and transparent approach to retail has changed the way people all around the world transact.

Ruslan Kogan believes technology can make the world a better place, and Kogan's goal is to make it more affordable for everyone.

Kogan is one of the fastest growing companies in Australia. In just over seven years, Kogan has sold millions of products directly to shoppers through its website,

He has won a number of awards for his success in bringing the best value consumer electronics to shoppers around the world:

  • Top 50 Most Influential People in Tech. Joins Mark Zuckerberg and Mike Cannon-Brookes as the only Gen Ys on the list curated by The Australian newspaper
  • BRW 2013, 2012 and 2011 Young Rich List with a reported wealth of $315 million
  • The Age Top 100 most influential people in 2008 & 2011
  • BRW 2011 Fast 100 at rank 27, ranking the fastest growing companies in Australia in any sector and any size
  • BRW 2010 Fast 100 at rank 15, ranking the fastest growing companies in Australia in any sector and any size
  • BRW 2010 Fast Starters list at rank 17
  • BRW 2009 Fast Starters list at rank 37
  • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Southern Region Winner
  • Virgin Australia Top Guns in Tech
  • BRW Young Rich List 2010 with a reported wealth of A$29M
  • BRW Young Rich List 2009 with a reported wealth of A$15M
  • T3 29th most influential person in the technology industry
  • Anthill Top 30 under 30 entrepreneurs for 2010
  • Australian Retailer's Association Retail Innovator of the Year 2010

Ruslan Kogan holds controversial views regarding the consumer technology industry. He has publicly his opposed the Australian Government's proposed internet filter, and was the only consumer electronics executive to express a view against 3D TV when the technology first appeared. His company became the centre of attention when the Government announced a $308 million set top box scheme for pensioners. Ruslan Kogan believed the spending had blown out of proportion and was a gross misuse of taxpayer funds. He announced that his company would be able to complete the goals of the scheme for a mere $50 million using Kogan's affordable technology.

Ruslan Kogan

He has been invited as a guest author in several leading websites, including Gizmodo, Forbes, TechCrunch, Fast Company, The Age, and BRW.

Famous Ruslan Kogan quotes:

It is always disgusting when you have got businessmen trying to lobby for increased taxes and regulation to stay competitive rather than to innovate.
You may not know it yet, but the biggest retailers in Australia are Apple's bitch. The biggest bricks-and-mortar retailers are relying on the genius of Apple to stay alive.
Now you have the same guy who sells you a toaster trying to sell you an LED and claiming to be an expert in both. People are becoming way too smart for that.
If I was these guys, I wouldn't be using my political muscle to try to increase taxes and change regulations, I would use my commercial muscle to get better prices from Canon and Nikon and Hewlett Packard and Sony.
We are nobody's bitch.
If you think you can, or you think you can''re wasting too much time "thinking"...JUST DO IT!!"