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Help with Your Product - Kogan Brand Products

How do I record with my PVR TV?

To use the PVR function you have to connect a USB stick of up to 32GB or an externally powered hard drive of up to 1TB to the USB port of the TV and follow the steps below to format it: 1. Please press the MENU Button and select the CHANNEL menu. 2. Please scroll down to PVR File System, and... more

My SIM Card doesn't fit in my phone, what do I do?

Depending on the phone you used previously, your SIM card may actually be too large or small for your phone. If you find this is the case, it is easiest to simply take the phone and SIM card in to your Mobile Service Provider, and they will assist in transferring your account to a new SIM of t... more

Are your Lightning Cables compatible with iOS7?

Our Lightning to USB Cables are completely compatible with iOS 7 for both charging and data transfer purposes. You may see a message indicating that these are not optimal for charging. This is simply a precaution of Apple's, and will go away if you lock or unlock your device with the cable plu... more

Where can I find my user manual / instructions?

In keeping with our environmentally-friendly paperless office and to assist in providing our low prices, manuals are not included for most of our products. Our manuals are instead stored on our website in PDF format, located here: http://www.kogan.com/usermanuals/ Most manuals for non-Koga... more

Why doesn't my Agora cover fit my Agora phone?

Please ensure that you have purchased the correct cover for your Agora phone, as there are different variants of the Agora phone, each requiring a different cover. If you have purchased the correct cover, please be aware that the flip cover replaces the existing back cover of the phone. In or... more

My TV is not receiving all channels, what do I do?

We recommend reviewing the Australian Government's "Digital Ready" website in relation to DTV reception: http://www.digitalready.gov.au/how-to-switch/reception As mentioned on this website, you may need to retune your set-top box or digital TV more than once to successfully receive all availa... more

Are your Blu-ray players region free?

Our Blu-ray players will play DVDs and Blu-ray discs from all regions after you enter an unlock code. Once you receive your Blu ray player, you will be able to contact our Support team and they will provide you with the unlock code along with instructions on how to use it.

I am getting the error: “Your Blu-Ray 3D Player has not detected that it is connected to a 3D Display”. What do I do?

Please ensure that you have a compatible 3D TV for your Kogan 3D Blu-Ray Player. You will also need to ensure that you are using a High Speed HDMI cable.

My Blu-Ray Combo TV will not play discs from other regions.

Please contact our Support team (http://kogan.com/au/help/question/new/?) with the serial number of the television that you have, and with the request for region unlock codes.

My Blu-Ray Player doesn’t seem to detect my USB hard drive.

The Blu-Ray Player is compatible with USB sticks up to 32GB. The unit supports the following file types: AVI, MPEG2/4, DIVX, XVID, AC3, MP3, AAC, JPEG, BMP, GIF.

My Blu-Ray Player is advertised as Region Free, however I can’t seem to play movies from overseas.

Please contact our Support Team (http://kogan.com/au/help/question/new/?) with the serial number of the Blu-Ray Player that you have, and with the request for region unlock codes.

How do I copy files onto the Internal Memory of my Photo Frame from my USB stick/Memory Card?

Pages 5-8 of our online user manual can provide an explanation of how to copy files. The manual for your product can be found on the following link: http://www.kogan.com.au/manuals/ 1. At the main menu select your input (e.g. USB if your using a USB stick). 2. Select the edit option which bring... more

Are your TVs the same as Samsung/LG?

At Kogan we manufacture our own line of televisions. These are designed in Australia and assembled in Asia using parts from around the world. Many of our TVs use components from well known brands such as Samsung and LG.

Can I watch normal free to air (FTA) channels on a 3D TV?

Yes certainly! You can watch all the latest free to air (FTA) digital channels on a 3D TV in both SD and HD. This does not require wearing 3D glasses.

Can the PVR record subscription television?

The PVR will only record free-to-air digital channels. It will not record from any other devices connected to the television such as Foxtel, Sky, Austar or a satellite TV box.

How can I find out which cables are required to connect external devices to my TV?

Detailed information on inputs and outputs is provided on the Specifications tab of each product page. We recommend you first check which inputs and outputs are located on the unit, then check the requirement of your external device to ensure it is compatible with your Kogan TV.

How do I connect my DVD Player/Foxtel/other device to the TV?

The exact method of connection will depend on the connections available and the TV you have. In general, we recommend using HDMI (where available) to connect external devices as this provides the best quality. The next best option is normally to use Component cables (Red, Green and Blue) (plug ... more

How do I connect my TV to my Home Theatre/Surround Sound System?

Your Kogan Television can come with a Digital Coaxial port, a 3.5mm headphone port or AV Out ports, depending on the model. The best way to connect your Home Theatre for surround sound is via a Digital Coaxial audio cable, as it can allow 5.1 surround sound. Otherwise, you can connect your Home T... more

How do your TVs record?

The PVR feature will enable you to record free-to-air channels by connecting a USB flash drive (up to 32GB) or powered external hard drive (up to 1TB). Most Western Digital hard drives are not supported.

I get a "PVR File Error" when I attempt to play back my recordings.

When formatting your USB storage device through the TV, please select Hi Speed FS rather than FAT32. This will resolve the issue for you.


Please download the following Quick Start Guide for the PVR feature of your TV: http://c11313644.r44.cf2.rackcdn.com/files/usermanuals/PVR-QUICK-START.pdf This guide applies to the following models: KALED19DVDYA, KALED24DVDYA, KALED32DVDYA

My LCD TV with DVD Player won't detect my USB storage device.

There are two USB ports on the TV that you have. There is one in the DVD module, and one on the back of the TV. The USB port on the back of the unit will be used for the PVR feature, and Media play back through the Source menu. The USB port on the DVD module is used for media playback, and can on... more

My TV does not play back my video files. It says “Unsupported File”.

Your TV will support the following file extensions and video codecs out of the box. This is as per the product specifications. AVI (MPEG - 1/2 and MPEG-4 divx 4 coded) and MP4 (MPEG - 1/2 and MPEG-4 divx 4 coded) AVI and MP4 are container type files and can contain a variety of video codecs. No... more

My TV is not picking up any channels! What do I do?

Please ensure that you have connected the antenna cable to the RF/ANT input of the TV. Once connected, please perform another channel scan through the setup menu.

My Digital TV is not picking up certain channels! What do I do?

Digital Television requires a stronger antenna signal compared to analogue television due to the higher amount of data being transmitted. Thus it is susceptible to variations in digital broadcast strength, which may vary from time to time. It appears that you may be suffering from weak antenna si... more

My TV with Blu-Ray Player won't detect my USB storage device.

There are two USB ports on the TV that you have. There is one labelled Blu-Ray, and the other is on the bottom of the TV. The USB port that you need to use for the PVR feature/Media playback is the USB port on the bottom. The USB port labelled Blu-Ray is used for the BD-Live features when playing... more

My TV with Built In Blu-Ray/DVD Player does not accept my discs.

Please ensure that you have changed the source to DVD/Blu-Ray mode before attempting to insert a disc. Please also ensure that you are inserting the disc with the mirror side facing the front (label to the back).

Playback on TVs

Our TVs have a playback function via USB (separate from the PVR function). This means that you can play back other files (as listed in the product specifications sheet).

Recording on the unit seems to be inconsistent.

Please ensure that you are using either a USB stick up to 32GB, or an externally powered hard drive up to 1TB. USB powered hard drives or Internal hard drives in generic enclosures are not recommended, as they do not work reliably.

What can you playback on the PVR?

The PVR will play back its own recordings but not videos from a storage device or recordings from another PVR. Our TVs have playback function (separate to the PVR) where you can attach your storage devices via USB and play back other files (as listed in the product specifications sheet).

I have lost all my preloaded free eBooks. Can you send them to me?

Please download the Free eBooks that come with the eBook reader from the following link: http://www.sendspace.com/pro/dl/s15u9f

Uploading eBooks to your eBook Reader

If you have not installed Adobe Digital Editions, follow these steps: 1> Download Adobe Digital Editions from http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/ 2> Install Adobe Digital Editions, open it and create an account and authorize your computer. 3> Connect your ebook reader to the computer,... more

I have connected my Soundbar, however I get a constant interference noise on certain TV channels.

If you have a Kogan TV, please ensure that the SPDIF Mode is set to PCM. This can be accessed in the Sound menu in the setup option. If you have another branded TV, please refer to the user manual of your TV.

My Digital Radio displays an "Unsupported Device" message when I insert my iPhone.

All current model iPhones are compatible with the Kogan Digital Radio and this error message will not affect the usability of your device. Your iPhone will charge if you accept the unsupported device notification. Many third party iPhone accessories will exhibit this behavior as Apple are constan... more

There's a scratch on the display screen of my Digital Radio.

Please ensure that the protective plastic has been removed. You will find that the screen will be a glossy finish once removed.

My Agora Smart TV Box remote doesn’t seem to work.

Please try repairing the remote with the unit: 1. Remove the battery cover and with a pin, press the “Pair” button. 2. A red light will appear on the remote near the “Pair” button. 3. White the red light is on, please place the remote next to the Agora Smart TV box while the light is on. 4. The l... more

My Agora Smart TV Box wireless keyboard doesn't work.

Please ensure that the wireless keyboard is charged fully. There is a built in battery on the unit, which can be charged via USB. You also need to ensure that the wireless dongle is connected to the Agora Smart TV Box. This is located on the keyboard itself, and needs to be removed.

There's a scratch on the top of my Agora Smart TV Box.

Please ensure that the protective plastic has been removed.

How do I record/delete/playback with my Set Top Box/PVR?

To use the PVR function you have to connect a USB stick of up to 32GB or an externally powered hard drive of up to 1TB to the USB port of the unit. Please note that approximately 1GB of memory space is required for 10 minutes of recording. To record from the EPG: 1. Enter the EPG by pressing th... more

Agora 5.0" Dual-core Smartphone - SAR Scores

Please find the SAR scores for the Agora Smartphone below: Head: GSM 900: 0.538 W/kg GSM 1800: 0.315 W/kg Body: GSM 900: 0.531 W/kg GPRS 900: 0.259 W/kg GSM 1800: 0.280 W/kg GPRS 1800: 0.144 W/kg Head: WCDMA Band I: 0.530 W/kg Body: WCDMA Band I: 0.265 W/kg Head: Wi-fi IEEE 802.11b: 0.422 W/k... more

Where do I take my product for warranty repairs?

All products sold by Kogan.com are covered by an extensive warranty. To arrange a warranty repair, please contact our experienced support team and they will be delighted to assist you. Please contact the Kogan support team by submitted a request here: http://kogan.com/au/help/question/new/?... more

COOKOO Watch - User Manual

You can find the user manual for your COOKOO Watch here: http://media.kogan.com/files/usermanuals/KAWTCCKXXXA-A.pdf

USB Analogue to Digital Video Converter Software

The software for your USB Analogue to Digital Video Converter can be found at the following link: http://media.kogan.com/files/product/KADCAXXUSBA/KADCAXXUSBA-rip-software.zip

Quickflix - doesn't retain the latest installation

If your dongle isn't retaining the latest installation of Quickflix, please uninstall the current application that you have and then try the following steps. 1. Open the web browser on your Agora Smart TV Dongle and go to: http://kogan.com/qfxapp 2. The Quickflix application file "QuickflixV1... more

My TV is not turning on, and it appears that there is no power going to my TV.

Some of our televisions have a master power switch. This switch is located either next to the power cable on the back of the TV, or on the bottom right hand corner of the TV. Please ensure that this switch is in the ON position.

Do you offer extended warranties on Kogan products?

Almost all products in the Kogan range come with the option of purchasing an extended warranty to 3 or 5 years. Extended warranties can be purchased up to 14 days after receiving the product. You can contact our Sales Team for for more information on how to purchase your extended warranty here... more

What is Kogan’s stuck and dead pixel policy for LED TVs, Monitors and Digital Photo Frames? (For items purchased on or after 13th July 2010).

Where an LED TV, Monitor or Digital Photo Frame shows one or more dead pixels (these are best seen on a white background and they don't have any colour), within the first 12 months after delivery, this will be considered a fault for the purposes of our Warranties. Where an LED TV, Monitor or D... more

How do I connect my Internet Radio to my network?

For help with connecting your Internet Radio to a wireless network, please consult your User Manual. Our manuals are instead stored on our website in PDF format, located here: http://www.kogan.com/usermanuals/ For best results, search for the exact model number of your unit, as listed on the... more

Kogan 100Hz TV power rating/refresh rate clarification

Some televisions sold by Kogan are advertised with a 100hz refresh rate, allowing your TV to produce noticeably less motion blur for a sharper, smoother picture. Upon receiving your unit, you may notice a sticker on the rear of the TV which states '50/60hz'. This is actually the power rating ... more

How do I change the language on my device?

If your device arrives in a language other than English, changing it is a simple process. Depending on your device, follow the instructions below: Android: When you turn on your device for the first time, it will automatically run a setup tutorial. The first page will have a box in the centre,... more

If my Kogan product needs to be repaired, who will cover the freight costs?

Kogan will cover all freight costs if your product needs to be repaired under warranty. If your Kogan product needs to be picked up, it will be your responsibility to ensure it is packaged securely and includes all accessories. The best way to do this is to keep the original packaging. If you ... more

What is your returns policy?

To qualify to return an item under our Returns Policy, products must be in their original packaging, along with all included accessories. Please see our Warranty Terms and Conditions in relation to warranty claims here: http://www.kogan.com/au/warranty-terms-and-conditions Kogan & Specialty B... more

How do I take advantage of the 14 day money back guarantee on Kogan & Specialty Brand Products?

To return your item you will need to contact our support team here: http://www.kogan.com/au/help/question/new/? You will find more information on our Returns Policy here: http://www.kogan.com/au/returns-policy/

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