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Digital Internet Radio & iPhone Dock

Listen to hundreds of radio stations on the internet!

The Digital Internet Radio & iPhone Dock is a new, exciting and innovative way for you to listen to all your favourite radio stations. The Wi-Fi feature means you can connect to your wireless network and listen to radio via the internet!

Not only will you get the high-quality sound that digital radio offers, you’ll also have access to hundreds of radio stations from all over the world!

Better sound quality with digital radio!

While AM/FM radios can suffer interference due to signals bouncing off walls, buildings, hills and other structures, digital radio receivers clean and filter the transmissions, making interference almost non-existent. This means the songs you love on the radio will sound better than ever before!

See who sings that song you love

If you’re sick of never finding out who that awesome band or singer is, you need to go digital! Our Digital Internet Radio features an LCD display that shows the song name and artist for each and every song as it plays.

Charge your iPhone or iPod and play your own tunes

When you get tired of listening to the radio, place your iPhone or iPod onto the built-in charging dock to listen to your own music, audiobooks and podcasts! Your device will charge while you’re rocking out!

Compatible with the following iPhones/iPods:

  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • 30-Pin connector iPods

iPhone not included


Apple Dock Connection
Apple Dock Connection

Plug in a compatible Apple device to listen from and charge your device.

Digital Radio DAB+
Digital Radio DAB+

DAB+ offers higher audio quality and a much larger choice of stations!

Wi-Fi Streaming
Wi-Fi Streaming

Stream audio from any UPnP source over your Wi-Fi network.

Internet Radio
Internet Radio

Each Kogan Digital Radio has a unique key which can be used to register your Radio on the internet. You can then program your favourites and add new stations directly to your Digital Internet Radio – It’s never been easier to listen to your favourite music!

Alarm Clock
Alarm Clock

Wake up to your favorite tunes every day! Choose what source you want to listen to, and if you want 7 day, weekday or weekend repeat.

Other Features:

3.5mm Stereo Input

This product features an auxiliary stereo input for use with any device that has a headphone output.

What's in the box

  • Kogan Digital Internet Radio
  • Figure-8 power cable
  • Remote control

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Technical Specifications


Mono speaker


Dock Connection
iPod/iPhone playback and charge connection
802.11 b/g


25.0 x 13.0 x 13.0cm


Dot Matrix LCD Display


iPhone Dock
Radio Formats


Audio Formats Supported
Real Audio, MP3, WMA


Wireless Connectivity


3.5mm Stereo Audio

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  • Phone & Email Support
  • Support & Repairs
  • Phone & Email Support

User Manuals

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